Our Story

Hi, I'm Ashley. I am passionate about helping you live with optimal health. Here's my story.

I began to care about my health in 2010. I began to read and study. I learned about the food that I was consuming, the skin products I was using, the chemicals that I was cleaning my house with, the medications I was ingesting - gosh, even the candles that I was burning - all of these items were harmful to my health.

Wherever I could, I made changes - even small changes. I began purchasing organic foods whenever possible. I looked for better skin care and cleaning products. And when it came to my health, I began to learn how the body is designed to heal itself, and that the Creator has given us what we need to help that healing process in nature.

A few years into my journey towards health I began making my own elderberry syrup. At first, it was just an immune-boosting supplement that I made for me and my family. Here and there, on occasion, my friends would try my elderberry syrup and ask if they could buy some from me. As word spread, I found myself making more and more elderberry syrup. 

As an addition to my arsenal of natural medicinals, I began making my own tea blends. Again, word spread and I was receiving requests for tea, too. 

Hence, I launched Eden Co Goods as a way to provide others the same healthy products that I was giving to my own family.

And so back to my passion. I am passionate about helping you live with optimal health. And the best way I know how to do that is by helping to take you back to the Garden.

At Eden Co Goods, it's our joy to source high-quality, organic ingredients from nature - not from laboratories. We create incredible products with one mission in mind - help you live with optimal health!

Here's to your health!


Ashley DiCicco